Video Editing (a note for mpanighetti)

I’m not looking for anything fancy in video editing software. All I want to do is combine a bunch of clips from different TSCC episodes with some background music. Usability is key because I’m a total n00b.

In my head, I’d really love some software that works with video like Garage Band works with audio…multi-tracks where you can drag the tracks (clips) around, use more or less of the clip simply by dragging little slidey things. It seems like that’s what Final Cut does and I’m thinking there are no other alternatives out there. I use Mac, but I could easily set up a VM with Linux or (with more effort) compile some Linux software for Mac. I’m just screwing around with stuff right now, just learning so spending much money on software for what might be a one-off project is not something I’m intersted in.

I have a feeling I’m stuck with iMovie for now and maybe I just need to learn it better. Maybe it can do what I need. *shrug* I’m definitely open to suggestions.


My New Project: TSCC + Trip My Wire

I’ve always thought that Garbage’s song Trip My Wire would make a fantastic Terminator fan video. I have all these great ideas in my head, mostly of Sarah kicking ass. I’ve suggested this to other TSCC fans who have some video editing talent, but no one has taken the project on, so I’m taking the bull by the horns and I’m trying it myself. I’ve never done any video editing aside from creating help videos for software with Adobe’s Captivate. I hate Adobe. But I digress.

So far, it’s been a bumpy road. First, I tried looking for screen capture software so I could just grab clips from my video library at Amazon On Demand (I have a subscription for season 2). That was a fail.

Then, I figured I should download the season and work with those files. Well it took a day or so to get the complete season and then I realized I can’t use avi with iMovie. I’m definitely not spending money on a video editing program if I’m just going to dink around here and there, so the next step was to find a way to convert avi into a format iMovie can use. After a bit of searching, I found a program called PunyVid that worked well enough. I got the video imported into iMovie and now I have to learn how to use that program. But I’m making progress.