Video Editing (a note for mpanighetti)

I’m not looking for anything fancy in video editing software. All I want to do is combine a bunch of clips from different TSCC episodes with some background music. Usability is key because I’m a total n00b.

In my head, I’d really love some software that works with video like Garage Band works with audio…multi-tracks where you can drag the tracks (clips) around, use more or less of the clip simply by dragging little slidey things. It seems like that’s what Final Cut does and I’m thinking there are no other alternatives out there. I use Mac, but I could easily set up a VM with Linux or (with more effort) compile some Linux software for Mac. I’m just screwing around with stuff right now, just learning so spending much money on software for what might be a one-off project is not something I’m intersted in.

I have a feeling I’m stuck with iMovie for now and maybe I just need to learn it better. Maybe it can do what I need. *shrug* I’m definitely open to suggestions.


One response to “Video Editing (a note for mpanighetti)

  1. Are you using iMovie HD, or the new iMovie from iLife ’08/’09? Because the HD one sports a more traditional timeline interface akin to the Final Cut style. The newer iMovies certainly do their jobs in terms of taking clips from a video camera source and slapping a soundtrack on, but iMovie HD has more fine-tuned controls over clip lengths and audio levels. In addition, it sports the ability to pass the audio track into GarageBand after completing the video editing stage.

    Sadly, iMovie HD is no longer available (Apple had it up as a free download for a short time for anyone that owned iLife ’08), but if you can find an iLife ’06 DVD anywhere it can certainly come in handy. I still make extensive use of it for combining RiffTrax audio with the riffed video clip.

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