The Finished Product

I finished my video project. And of course, since I tend to go a little overboard on things, I did not one but two Garbage / TSCC videos. I ended up using iMovie, which actually worked out well enough. Because the second season of TSCC doesn’t come out until Sept. 22, I had to obtain my source material via teh internets. This means the video quality isn’t that great and because of this, I plan to re-do the movies after I have my DVDs.

So the first one is my Sarah Connor / Trip My Wire video. For those unfamiliar with the song, it’s a Garbage b-side from the debut album era. It consistently gets voted as a fan-favorite and it’s one of my all-time favorite Garbage songs. In case you were wondering, almost all of Garbage’s b-sides are very good. Anyway…here you go:

The second video showcases Shirley Manson’s character Catherine Weaver. This one has a lot of spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the second season, you may want to go do that before you watch this video. Go pick up a copy on Tuesday when the season 2 DVDs/Blu-Rays are released.

The song is a live version of As Heaven Is Wide, which is, honestly, not one of my favorite Garbage songs. But this live version is absolutely phenomenal. There’s a full and very high quality recording of this 1995 performance floating around if you know where to look. I’d say this is one of Garbage’s best live performances.


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