A Nerd Moment

Today I saw an old friend and former teammate at a cross country race. She moved out West and the only real contact we’ve had was very minimal via Facebook.

We were catching up and talking about Halloween costumes and when I told her I was going as Sarah Connor (from the TV show, not the movies) we had a nerd moment. Apparently she and her boyfriend are huge fans of the show and they both know about www.savethescc.com and are both Resistance Fighters. He was even in one of the Save the SCC’s videos and we may be friends on Twitter and not even realize it (I’ve never met him). How crazy is that?


I’m beginning to wonder where my brain went

I went out to a show with a friend last night and totally forgot to lock up my bike. I leaned it on the rack and was fumbling around in my bag, taking off layers and putting my helmet and lights away. Like a dumbass, I forgot to lock the thing up. Some drunk U of MN jackass probably took it for a joyride around Dinkytown and I had to walk a couple of miles home. Well, I could have taken a cab, but I was so pissed off, I preferred the walk. So if anyone sees a blue, 10-speed, circa 1985 Schwinn road bike with several “Save The Sarah Connor Chronicles” stickers and reflective tape on it, please let me know. It looks like this:

I’m not so mad about actually losing the bike. I’m more angry at myself for being a complete idiot. I bought the bike for $60 from a non-profit bike shop 5 years ago, so I’ve certainly gotten my money’s worth and I have two other bikes. But it makes me wonder where I have left my brain and I hope it will be returning soon.