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Yes, Poe is back. The singer extraordinaire¬†who released two critically acclaimed albums in the 90s (Hello and Haunted) featuring hits “Angry Johnny”, “Hey Pretty” and “Hello” returned to the stage Thursday night in LA after a legal-induced hiatus of 10 years.¬†Few artists are able to recover from what Poe has gone through and it is great to see her up on stage again.

Though I contemplated hopping on a plane to LA to catch her performance, I had to live vicariously through the images, videos and stories of other Angry Psychos. I have included YouTube videos from Joshua J. Smelser below. Enjoy!


Go Saints!

The New Orleans Saint’s victory tonight over the Minnesota Vikings was absolutely perfect. The Vikings lost in overtime after a late-game interception thrown by none other than Brent…I mean Brett Favre.

As a long-time, die-hard Packer fan, I have to say it felt very good to be on the other side of the coin tonight. I religiously followed the team through the painful, post-rotator cuff surgery Don Majkowski / Lindy Infanti years and Brett Favre’s early years. Those were dark days for the franchise. Tonight, the NFL’s all-time leader in interceptions came through once again, just as he did so often in his younger days and completed a pass at a critical moment to…the other team…..And it filled my heart with joy to be sitting at a sports bar near the Mall of America, watching 200 Vikings fans go dead silent. Priceless.

Like Christmas Morning

Last week, I ordered Industrial Saviors: Music to Cure Cancer and a couple of Collide albums, These Eyes Before and Two Headed Monster. I was just going to buy These Eyes Before, but they came in a bundle and I couldn’t resist.

Lucky for me, both packages came in the mail today. I’m listening to These Eyes Before right now and listened to a few tracks off Industrial Saviors earlier. These Eyes Before is a very excellent cover album including tracks from Radiohead, David Bowie, Moody Blues, Depeche Mode, Pink Floyd and The Beatles. Frankly, Collide’s version of Creep totally blew my mind and that’s the whole reason I bought the album. Creep is exactly what a cover should be in my opinion – true to the original, with the covering band infusing their own personality, flavor and emotion seamlessly into the piece. I heard a couple of other tracks on Dark Horizons and figured it was a worthy purchase, so here I am.

Normally I don’t pay much mind to the packaging, but the 2 cd bundle came wrapped in black tissue paper and included a little thank you signed by both band members. Collide definitely gets extra bonus points for these little touches and this is just one of the reasons I like buying music directly from the band. For a few bucks more, Collide will even sign your CD. I passed on the autograph, since I’ve just discovered the band, but it is still very cool that they offer the option.

I’m definitely looking forward to listening to the rest of the new music at work tomorrow.

Reviews page updated

Yes, I’m still here and I am still working on the site. I’ve had some setbacks in the time realm due to my day job. Anyway…I’ve been keeping a list of every noteworthy concert I’ve ever been to and it’s now posted on the Reviews page. I have a bunch of reviews to post, but I need to figure out how to best manage that design and code-wise.

And in related news, I am sad to report that I did not save all my reviews from my old Geocities site before they closed up shop, so I lost a few of the early reviews along the way. It is unfortunate, but life goes on and there will be more concerts.