Total Waste of a Morning

I was scheduled to meet some people to go skiing this morning at 8 at a park about 20 miles from my house and I overslept. I was planning on leaving at 7:15 to get there a little early and ended up waking up at 7:38. Awsome start to the day. I ran out the door, hopped in my car, an got on the still somewhat snow covered freeway (because apparently the Twin Cities only have 1 snow plow for the entire metro area…thanks Gov. Pawlenty!). To add to the fun, I realized that I hadn’t transferred critical cell phone numbers into my contacts and couldn’t call anyone.

The journey was fairly uneventful aside from a few dumbass drivers going 30 MPH on the freeway. Really, people? It’s good to be a little cautious but a little bit of snow on the freeway that had been mostly plowed does not require you go below 35 MPH. *shakes fist* I made it to the park, but as I was driving up to the parking lot by the building, I ran into yet another snag. Got the car stuck in a snowdrift on the unplowed driveway going uphill to the lot. Strike 2. Or is that strike 3? Anyway…After a few minutes and with some help from two fellow skiers, we got the car unstuck and I was back in business. Or so I thought.

I got into the building and the workers told me the course was closed to the public for a race. When I asked if they had seen anyone with a jacket looking like mine, they said they didn’t see anyone.  We knew there was a race that morning at 10, but we were planning on getting in and out by 9:30, before they closed the course. The race directors had the course reserved from 8 – 11:30 am so that plan backfired and I left.

There are some other trails mostly on my way home and I stopped there to see if maybe my group went there, but no luck either. So last idea…why not get a ski in and then head home for a nap?  I got out of the car to check out the conditions and the groomers were working on the trails, packing down the fresh snow. I walked over to the side of the trail and it was clear that the trails hasn’t set up yet and there was maybe an inch and a half of snow, once packed. That’s not really enough to ski on with non-crappy skis and had I tried skiing, I probably would have A. messed up the trails and B. wrecked my skis. So yet another fail. I got back in my car and went home. I’m going to try and salvage the morning now that I’m done ranting by going back to sleep. That’s probably what I should have done at 7:38 AM.


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