Nothing Like Phoenix in the Summer

Well it looks like my grandparents aren’t coming home from Arizona this summer. They usually drive down to Phoenix in October and drive back to the Milwaukee area in May. My grandpa isn’t in good enough health to make the drive back and they were going to fly back this week, but he’s not in good enough health for that, either. The doctor told him he can’t travel right now. It’s a pretty big deal that he was going to fly back. He hasn’t been in a plane since WWII and I’m surprised he even agreed to it in the first place. He’s your stereotypical WWII veteran with a plane phobia, plus he’s a super grumpy old man (he was grumpy even when he wasn’t an old man…it’s part of his charm).

I’m really bummed about this. They’ve been splitting their time about half and half between Wisconsin and Arizona for the past 15 years or so. I make the trip back from Minneapolis to Milwaukee quite a bit during the summer mainly to see my grandparents. I don’t get to see them much and I had a trip planned for Memorial Day weekend. I guess I need to start thinking about a trip to Phoenix this summer.

The good news is that they got their airfare fully refunded and they hadn’t yet shipped their car. And they both really like it down there and have a lot of friends and things to do. But it still sucks that I won’t be able to see them much if at all this year.


3 responses to “Nothing Like Phoenix in the Summer

  1. Wow that does suck! Sorry to hear that.

    And yeah, ugh, Phoenix in summer. Well, Phoenix any time of year, really..

  2. Wow. So apparently my asshole grandpa hasn’t been taking his water pills and THAT’S why they can’t come home. I have no words….

  3. Ok well I’ll cut the guy a little slack. They *lost* a bottle of one of his other meds. They’ve got a flight booked for June 14. Sure hope things go ok and they can actually get on the plane. And then once they’re on the plane I really hope Grandpa doesn’t freak out. Their travel agent told them to book window seats *doh* The aisle would probably be a lot better at least for Grandpa. Grandma isn’t a concern.

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