An Interview with Kristy from The Azoic

Here’s an interview I did for Kilted Farmer Koncerts with Kristy from The Azoic. The Azoic are playing their first ever Minneapolis show on August 31 supporting Combichrist at Ground Zero. Early show!

Kilted Farmer Koncerts

Kristy, who is the vocalist, lyricist, keys and programming for The Azoic, answered a few questions for Kilted Farmer Koncerts about The Azoic, The Azoic’s first ever Minneapolis show on August 31 with Combichrist, Niliahah Records, the Kickstarter experience, the “darkwave” scene and more.

A big thank you to Kristy for taking the time to do this interview. We are very much looking forward to the show on August 31 and we hope to see everyone there!

The Azoic was formed in February of 1996 in Columbus, Ohio. The band released their first album, “The Divine Suffering” in October of that year. They now have 7 full length albums, 4 EPs and several tours under their belts. Most recently, the band released an EP for the song “Corruption” in early 2013. They’ve had tracks featured in Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 3 on Xbox and have released singles that…

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