Work four hours to #savethewarehouse

Help save this amazing all ages venue in La Crosse, Wi.

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 8.24.37 AMThe Warehouse, an all-ages venue in La Crosse, Wisconsin, one of the longest running all-ages venues in the country, a lifeline to thousands of fans and bands, will shut down forever unless they meet their fundraising goal of $200,000 in the next 7+ days. Holy crap. That’s a lot of dough. But two things to remember: 1) The fundraising campaign has been liked over 7200 times on Facebook–an average of $28 per like would pass the $200,000 goal. That’s about four hours of work at minimum wage. A half day. 2) They keep the money only if the goal is hit. If not me and the other–as of right now–305 donators would get our cash back and shed some tears. Though $200,000 is a lot, with a crowd it can be done. Especially for a place that’s been around for 22 years and seen hundreds of thousands of kids…

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