Reviews page updated

Yes, I’m still here and I am still working on the site. I’ve had some setbacks in the time realm due to my day job. Anyway…I’ve been keeping a list of every noteworthy concert I’ve ever been to and it’s now posted on the Reviews page. I have a bunch of reviews to post, but I need to figure out how to best manage that design and code-wise.

And in related news, I am sad to report that I did not save all my reviews from my old Geocities site before they closed up shop, so I lost a few of the early reviews along the way. It is unfortunate, but life goes on and there will be more concerts.

Well…I guess we have a website.

I just uploaded some “real” stuff to the site, including a proper design and a little bit of content. There’s still a lot of work to do, but things are coming along. I’m struggling a bit with the color-scheme. The red/grey/black is a little boring, imo. I need to figure out a way to either bring in more colors or spice things up. But since it’s 4 am, I will leave that for another day.